Our Team

Our Team

► Talent matters in every organization-including our own. Future Plus Management is committed to hiring, training, and molding the very best recruiters in the industry. We surround our clients, candidates, and associates with meaningful communication and knowledgeable, consultative service. Future plus Management is here to stay in a world of recruiting “experts”.

► We are led by passionate recruitment industry veterans. Our leaders provide decades of invaluable insight and understanding to those we serve, and the human capital we have built at Future Plus Management is unmatched anywhere in the recruitment industry.

► As the premier recruiting firm, Future Plus Management provides clients with unparalleled reach across industry sectors Future Plus Management understands that the needs of your business are complex and evolving, and we are focused on developing and nurturing long-term, results-oriented partnerships. Future Plus Management placement agency is also a culture of collaborative success. We work across sectors and across offices to find the transcendent talent that will deliver financial value for your company–today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Other than our recruiters on our permanent pay roll, we retains a panel of thirty two professionals from various trades and professions in order to ensure you get what you are looking for manpower that is efficient, educated and experienced. These are the people who have served different industries more than fourty years in technical/senior level and retired from full time job. Their service to Future Plus Management is to help our recruiters for final shortlist, screening interviews, and we call these veterans “support satellites” for our recruiters/consultants.

Right people to deal with

► Our HR recruitment consultants for gulf are all experienced professionals, many are seasoned veterans, so we know what we’re doing.

► Our business is well-resourced, successful and professionally run.

► Our approach is no-nonsense, straight-talking and informal.

► Once the terms of engagement have been agreed, we make sure we meet them.

► We are extremely thorough but don’t believe in being unnecessarily long-winded in our processes.

► We make sure our processes are consistent, transparent and equitable.

► The standard of our candidates is high.

► We embrace the practical use of leading edge technology and innovation to streamline what we do.